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Fish Feeding Machine

Our fish feeding machine has plastic enclosure which can ensure our product is sealed well and there is no electricity leakage. We take patent craft to make the enclosure to prevent the windings and feeds being eaten. This product is applied with magnetic door and micro computer controller whit a digital reading display. It is convenient to handle and can be remote controlled. Depending on the stable feeding method, it can work exactly and continuously. Our company now has STLZ-90 and STLZ-120 type for option. The feeding area can be 1.67 acre and 3.5 acre respectively. Customer can choose as per the actual utilization.

Technical Parameters
Model Power for main motor(W) Power for Sub motor (W) RPM for main motor (RPM) Capacity (kg) Distance for feeding (meter) Angle for sector Valid area Max capacity (kg/hour) Crushing rate
STLZ-90 90 16 1400 80 2-15 120°±20° 10 240 ≤2%
STLZ-120 120 16 2800 80 2-20 120°±20° 20 300 ≤5%

As a professional fish feeding machine manufacturer in China, we provide not only fish pond feeding machine, but also irrigation floating aerator, multifunction floating pump, fish tank mixer aerator, paddlewheel aerator, and more.

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