Jet Aeration Floating Pump

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Jet Aeration Floating Pump

Our Jet aeration floating pump is made up of pump, injector and air intake duct. Its work process can be described as when injector starts to inject the water, a vacuum cavity inside forms and the air pours in. Then injector injects the water and air together at a high speed. In this way, the goal of aeration can be fulfilled. Our product has been spot checked by national quality and technology supervising institution and the aeration and dynamic efficiency both exceed the standard by 60%. The injecting nozzle can be removed and our product can be used as a simple water drawer through a switch.

Our floating pump is light in weight, small in size. It generates no noise and oil pollution. It is adaptable for single-phase power supply.

FORDY is an experienced jet aeration floating pump manufacturer based in China. Our products include paddlewheel aerator, injector aerator, fish pond feeding machine, diesel drive multi impeller paddlewheel aerator, and much more.

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