Six Impeller Water Cooling Paddlewheel Aerator

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Six Impeller Water Cooling Paddlewheel Aerator

Our six impeller water cooling paddlewheel aerator is equipped with 2.2KW water cooling electric motor and we make a breakthrough on its structural design. Its spindle is integrated with six impellers directly. Thus we can assemble the parts easily and its drive system can be more reliable. The spindle of motor is made of engineering plastic and stainless steel tube, so our paddlewheel aerator is widely applied for large scope aquaculture to increase the dissolved oxygen amount and water quality.

Main Features
1. Our aerator is adopted with arcuate bevel-gear instead of worm gear, which is high efficient and saves over 20% electric energy than traditional model.
2. The arcuate bevel-gear box we adopted is made of chromium-manganese-titanium alloy with carbonitriding surface. Thus our product has long life span and high rigidity.
3. Mechanical seal is available to avoid oil leak pollution.
4. Protector inside is available to avoid motor being burnt accidentally.
5. PE float, nylon impeller, stainless steel shaft and frame are available.

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