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High Efficiency Paddlewheel Aerator

Our air cooling high efficiency paddlewheel aerator is in accordance to our newest enterprise manufacture standards rather than industry standards. Its key technical indexes and its aeration efficiency are much higher industry standard conventional type. National aquaculture equipment quality inspection center has approved it and pointed out all its indexes are national standard compliant.

The high air cooling efficiency paddlewheel aerator has the stacked angular impellers that can be utilized wholly or partially according to the actual power voltage. On the basis of not exceeding the rate power, user can conveniently to increase or decrease the number of impellers according to the motor efficiency curve to make the whole machine work at the highest efficiency point and achieve the goal of energy saving. The electric motor and gear box inherit my company's famed core technology, the high efficiency water wheel special motor and arcuate bevel- gear box. The left-ward and right-ward blades of impeller are staggered as per echelon form so that the water flows generated by rotary impeller can scatter in A type.

FORDY is a specialized high efficiency paddlewheel aerator (air cooling) manufacturer, based in China. Our company also provides paddlewheel aerator, splash aerator, fish pond feeding machine, injector aerator, and more.

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